6 Must Visit Places in Switzerland by The MissAdventure

6 Must Visit Places in Switzerland by The MissAdventure


This beautiful turquoise lake is a must visit when in Switzerland. It is a well known tourist thing but it is worth it. Our recommendation is to visit during weekdays and in the early mornings to avoid the crowds. Join our girl getaway and connect with like minded women.





Zurich is one of those places that have a special charm. It is perfect for a girls getaway as it has everything - shopping for every pocket and taste, amazing restaurants and bars, but also perfect spas. If you want to read more about Zurich read the 9 unique things to do in Zurich by The MissAdventure here.  Join our special girl trip and explore Zurich from the eyes of a local in pure luxury.  





An absolute must and one of my favorite places in Switzerland where I always happily return. Zermatt is one of those places that charm you at first sights. The wooden little houses, Matterhorn in background, great food and even better spas make it perfect for a getaway. Read here why you should add Zermatt to your bucket list and join one of our girl getaways to this relaxed yet luxurious destination.


 This picturesque village is also home to the magnificent Matterhorn or how I call it Toblerone Mountain.




A charming little town that is also near to the famous lake. Kandersteg was a nice surprise recently while exploring the region, don’t you think? Bonus: It is very close to Blausee so once you are there make sure to visit this place too.




Lucerne is world known for its beauty but I managed to skip it for 6 years. I don’t want this to happen to you so I am including it on this list





I like this part of Switzerland. Maybe because of the cheese, the cows or the colourful houses. Anyway, worth a visit if you are close by!





Wow! What gorgeous views.. I’d love to visit Switzerland someday!



Wow, what beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Switzerland one day, but I’m afraid it won’t be for awhile. Thank you for sharing.



Zermatt is the best place I’ve skied with gorgeous views, tranquility, quaint village, and entertaining après ski options!

Crans-Montana, Montreaux, Geneva, Bern, and a spa day at Leukerbad is also places I’d recommend for visitors to go to in Switzerland!

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