7 Things I Did Not Know About Maldives

7 Things I Did Not Know About Maldives

1. Maldives is made up of 1190 islands and you will enjoy the view from above upon arrival - pretty cool! However, this paradise on Earth is predicted to disappear due to the climate change within a decade or two so hurry to see this paradise on Earth!



2. Only 200 islands are inhabited, 100 are tourist resorts and the rest are an uninhabited paradise. The thought of having an island only for yourself sounds interesting? Well in Maldives it is possible to enjoy the kilometres long sandy beaches all for yourself.



3. It is a 100% Islamic country which means no alcohol, pork and modest clothing on inhabited islands. Please note swimsuits on the beach are accepted for tourist.



4. However, point 3 is not valid for resorts. There you can enjoy the above as you please including alcohol and pork.



5. Most of the population can’t swim so they don’t get to enjoy the nicest beaches. Isn’t that ironic?



6. They still don’t like the beach because the beach was dangerous from pirate invasion and tsunamis so unfortunately, they don’t enjoy it as they could.



7. In the past, they used to treat the beach as a dump yard as the sea would wash it away.



And finally it is the home of the most magical sunsets.


Have you been to the Maldives? Where did you stay? Share with us your experiences. 

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