8 Reasons to Visit Kangaroo Island

8 Reasons to Visit Kangaroo Island
Our 2nd stop was Kangaroo Island and we spent 3 days there which is enough if you want to see the major sights. Except, well wild kangaroos, there is plenty to see at Kangaroo Island. Are you familiar with Kangaroo Island? Continue reading to find out all about sand-boarding, Stokes beach and one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia - Vivonne Bay.



How long to stay at Kangaroo Island?

We recommend 2-3 days to see the main sights, but if you are travelling as a family you might find it more relaxing to stay longer especially during summer months when you can also enjoy the beach life.

What to do at Kangaroo Island? 


Did you know there is Little Sahara located on the Kangaroo Island where you can try sand-boarding!? If you have never done this before it is the perfect spot to try it out as the dunes as smaller so you can practice until perfection. 



Kangaroo and Koala Spotting

It is not called Kangaroo Island without a reason. Throughout the island, you can spot many wild kangaroos. If you want to see Kangaroos remember they are semi-nocturnal which means they come out during sunrise and sunset.



Vivonne Bay

Vivonne Bay was proclaimed the nicest Australian beaches so we went to check it out! What do you think? 



Remarkable Rocks

Maybe the most famous attraction of the Kangaroo Island are the Remarkable Rocks. Once you face these face to face you will understand why. These giant rock formations were an attraction since discovery and still stand tall. 



Stokes Beach - a hidden treasure

Our favourite was the hidden beach to which you need to pass through narrow rock formations and at the end, the crystal clear beach opens in front of you and your jaw just drops in awe. A must see while on Kangaroo Island.



Local Market, Local Pleasures

If you follow us you know we love to taste local food and the best way to experience that is by visiting the local market. You can taste locally made goat cheese, lamb hot dogs as well as fudge and jams made by the locals! Make sure to take some as souvenirs and snacks with you, your friends and family will be grateful. We promise! 



Wine Tasting 

Wine tasting is another popular activity on the island and we went to try Dudley wines. They make some traditional blends with a twist! I do prefer traditional blends but our favourite was Rosé with rose notes! 


Seals and Whales Watching

There are many spots you can view seals and whales on the island ( season is from x-y) or you can also visit the Seal sanctuary with a guided tour. You come very close to the seals and a guide makes sure you follow all the safety instructions to make them ( and you) feel safe (yes seals are cute but when mating they can feel threatened and become dangerous) Walking alone on the beach is not allowed




Vivonne Bay looks amazing!



This place looks incredible! I love to be surrounded by nature and do outdoors activities. If on top of that I get to observe wildlife, then it is 10 times better. I will take your advice and stay 2 to 3 days. Seems like there is plenty to do!



This brought back good memories! I spent a couple of days on Kangaroo Island almost ten years ago. I’d love to go again! I focused on the natural activities (hiking + wildlife) and didn’t try the wines. I like rose in summer so it could be a great plan :D

Meghan Ramsey

Meghan Ramsey

Everything you listed is something I would love to do! Pictures are amazing as well and that water is so blue. Looks like such a relaxing vacation!



Sounds like an absolutely amazing place to go! On my way to Australia soon, so this is really helpful. Will add it to the list! Thanks for sharing!

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