8 Unique Places to Visit in Winter

8 Unique Places to Visit in Winter

With the temperatures dropping rapidly across Europe we thought it is the perfect time to give you some winter inspiration. So fill up your cup with your favourite hot drink and get ready to discover the top winter destinations with us. Truth is there are so many locations to visit during this time of the year and in fact, some of them might be even more special in the winter.


Rovaniemi, Finland

Have you been good this year? ☺ For those disbelievers, Rovaniemi in Finland is known as the address of Santa Claus. Yep here you will find the idyllic Christmas experience as in the storybooks.  You can meet the Santa, the cutest reindeers and husky dogs, drive snowmobiles or go Nordic walking.  You might even get to see the polar lights if you are lucky (as December is not the best season).


Photo source: lapland.nordicvisitor.com


Follow our blog because next month, we are visiting Finland, Lapland! :)   


Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt is a true winter getaway destination if you are looking for a holiday where you can both relax and enjoy winter sports! Not only you get to enjoy the picturesque Zermatt, but as a bonus, you get spoiled with stunning views of Matterhorn! Do you know which chocolate brand uses it as a trademark?


Photo Source: www.wallup.net


  • Tromsø, Norway

  • Pack your thickest pullovers and your camera because we are going to see the northern lights in Tromso, Norway! From October to March is the best time to go if you want to see the Aurora Borealis or the Northern lights because you need darkness and clear skies ( so your success will also depend on the weather).  


    Photo source: Visit Norway


  • Plitvice Lakes, Croatia  

  • A very special place to visit in winter is Plitvice Lakes, Croatia. Always beautiful but especially stunning in winter dressed in white and creating a natural winter wonderland. The best time to visit here is from December to February when temperatures are below 0.


    Photo Source: Slavorum


  • Istanbul, Turkey

  • We love Istanbul in winter! The tourist groups are gone, the temperatures are much cooler and the city changes its looks during winter. Now is the time to explore the beauty of the city as you will not wait in the long quest to get into the historic landmarks. You can also enjoy a hammam that feels much better in cold winter as well as a cup of coffee or delicious “salep”!



  • Prague, Czech Republic


    Truth is Prague is always a good idea, but visiting the heart of Europe is winter has something magical too! Christmas market in Prague is known as one of the best ones in Europe. Enjoy your delicious street food, spoil yourself with the colourful candies and of course a cup of mulled wine ;)


    Photo source: www.europeanbestdestinations.com


  • Zagreb, Croatia

  • Croatian pastries, gingerbread cookies and the vivacious atmosphere. Zagreb is definitely another candidate for the “best Christmas market in Europe”. Christmas here is more than a holiday as the Zagreb Advent Festival turns the city into a fairytale! In addition, Croatians know how to celebrate so join them this season and fest in style!


    Photo source: Total Croatia News


  • Tallinn, Estonia

  • Christmas in Tallinn does not only bring locals together to sell their own goods in the Old Town Square but it also brings a battle in Baltics back to the life. Who decorated the first Christmas tree? Latvia or Estonia?


    Photo Source: Visit Tallinn


    Grace | Impulsive Adventures

    Grace | Impulsive Adventures

    I never would have thought to visit Plitvice in the winter, but now it’s definitely on my list! I was in Croatia this summer, but I’m sure it’s even more gorgeous without the crowds. I’m definitely more of a summer person, but your picks for winter travel make the season shine :)

    J. Endress

    J. Endress

    Winter is not one of my favorite seasons, but these gorgeous places make it worth it from the looks of it. Definitely adding a few to my bucket list. Great post, thanka for sharing!

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