A Trip to Winter Wonderland, Lapland!

A Trip to Winter Wonderland, Lapland!

Last December, we experienced an amazing winter. Finnish Lapland is mostly known for the Santa’s official home, the Santa Claus Village, but we can guarantee you that it is definitely more than that!

During our tour, a lovely local lady, who is also the daughter of a local reindeer breeder, gave us many insights about the local life in Lapland. It is very impressive to see how life is very different in the North. When you visit this region, it means you are covered with endless glazed forests and sometimes km’s of frozen lakes! That is why, part of visiting Lapland means appreciating the nature by every step.


Aerial view of Finnish Lapland!


Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle

Where's the farthest North you've ever been? Well, we officially made it to the Arctic Circle :) Here life is different because of the extreme cold! When you try to take a walk outside for let’s say 5 min, you can feel that inside your nose has started to freeze! Visiting Santa’s Village is a beautiful experience but definitely, make sure to wear layers of layers tick clothes.  


Photo source: www.landlopers.com

It will be overly crowded if you go at the Christmas season but if you make there around 9 A.M, you can have a chance to look around without the crowds :) You can meet the Santa and have a picture with him. Unfortunately, taking pictures of Santa is not allowed so you have to pay a fee if you want a picture.


The Story Of The Reindeer

The reindeers are the symbol of Finnish Lapland and there is a good reason behind that. Apparently, the number of reindeers in the region is almost equal to the number of people!


Photo source: www.visitfinland.com


According to our tour guide, all the reindeer in Lapland, Finland belong to someone. These reindeer live in the wild in their natural habitat and when the right season comes, they are collected by the reindeer breeders. You also have a chance to try the local reindeer meat if you want to. 

In Lapland, you can find many tours to visit the reindeer farms and you can even have a ride with them!


You have to be patient if you want to feed them :)


There was also a very important note at the end of our tour. The locals in the reindeer farm explained to us that how the wildlife is getting harder for the reindeer every season. The balance of the wildlife is changing and that is why the predators are making surviving harder for the reindeer. The effects of the climate change are definitely stronger in the North.



Lovely Huskies and a Fun Ride!

Maybe they are not the symbol of Lapland like reindeers but a visit to a husky farm and a husky ride is a must do in Lapland! Cuteness overload, you will have a great time with the lovely huskies barking and running around you.


Photo source: www.http://kota-husky.fi


They will be so excited and can’t even wait to take you out for a ride! :) Usually when they have been stopped they will all start to bark as they will want to go back to running!  



The husky farm we visited was owned by a local family and they live there with their 60 huskies. They know all the huskies’ name with their hearth because most of the dogs grew in their farm :) They live like a huge family and spend their every day together! You can check their instagram account.




You can choose to either ride the huskies or sit on the slide. Don’t be afraid, riding the pack is not that complicated and local farm owners will explain you everything :)


Get Ready to Freshen Up!

If you are brave enough, you can try one of the most Finnish traditions! During winter, “ice dipping” is very popular in Lapland. You basically go to a very very very quick swimming from a hole that is cut on a frozen lake. Yes, it sounds very extreme but you actually don’t feel that cold after sitting in a Finnish sauna :)


Photo source: www.visitfinland.com


The tradition is that you spend some time in the sauna, get pretty warm, and then either go into the frozen lake or throw snow on your body. The refreshing feeling at the end is of course, worth it!


Wondering in the Woods

Locals spend most of their time in the woods. They go to fishing or mushroom, berry picking and everything they eat comes from the nature! We heard from our tour guide that everybody in Lapland knows how to navigate themselves in the woods, and it is impossible for them to get lost.



Now it is time to jump in one of the most symbolic pictures of Lapland :) Take a walk in any forest that surrounds you (wherever you go, you will most probably be surrounded by woods) and enjoy the silence!


Photo source: www.visitfinland.com


If you are lucky enough, sky will be clear and you can have a chance to see the northern lights. During the winter, the chance for a clear sky in Lapland is actually lower, but there is no guarantee in summer either! So who knows, take your chances, if you catch a clear sky, try to take a walk in the woods, go away from the ”city” lights and what you might see will amaze you :)   

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