Capri Exposed by Missadventure!

Capri Exposed by Missadventure!

Capri is by no means an ordinary place and it was appreciated throughout history by the aristocrats, artists, musicians, actors and those who appreciate nature and luxury. Nowadays it remained a top destination for luxury tourists and it has its loyal clientele among the high-end tourists but also among the curious cruisers who flood the island during day visits to check what it is all about. It is only after daily visitors depart the island (usually around 17h) that one can truly appreciate the beauty of the island and walk down the picturesque streets without the crowds.


Capri and Marina Grande


The beauty of this limestone and sandstone giant rock is undeniable. The charm of Capri captures you as soon as you set your feet on the Marina Grande. Custom made Capri taxis take you up the hilly streets up to your hotel.  The hustle and bustle of taxi drivers, pedestrians and loud Italians capture you and you can’t help but think “Bella Italia!” Of course, this beauty comes with a price. The island is known for its steep prices everywhere you look- gelato 1 scoop 3,5 EUR, 1 baileys on main square 14 EUR, beach with umbrella and chairs 30 EUR per person, Caprese salad for 16 EUR and the list goes on. So if you are on a budget, you can stay at Anacapri, the Capris little brother, which has much more acceptable prices. It is also much more relaxed and the atmosphere is completely different. Make sure to take the bus for that special adrenaline rush for only 2EUR. The streets are narrow, the views are steep and they drive super-fast of course (taxi ride from Capri to Anacapri will set you back 35-45EUR each way but many hotels offer you free shuttle)


              Map of main sights on Capri. Source: Wikipedia 


Capri: What To See


Faraglioni, faraglioni, faraglioni.

The ultimate trademark of the island are the three limestone rock formations proudly rising up out of the sea. You will have numerous opportunities to take your photos with them up close or further away, from the land or from the sea. You can book one of those private boat tours to drive you straight through one of the Faraglioni that has a passage in it and take those astonishing photos up close while you pose on the boat ☺ However to get to the Faraglioni you will need to walk to the Punta Tragara where you can stop for a photo. Hint: if you walk down the little street towards the beach you will have a nice view and photo stop opportunity to the Faraglioni. You can continue to the beach and to the restaurant La Fontelina or go back to the town. Guess which blogger couldn’t resist this view or just continue reading.


Faraglioni and the view as promised above by @laopa_blossom for @the_missadventure
Even Blonde Salad couldn’t resist the view
Source: Blonde Salad


Via Krupp and Gardens of Augustus

Via Krupp is an amazing construction and it leads from the Gardens of Augustus to Marina Piccola. It is named after Mr Krupp who lived on the island in the 20th century. Nowadays the road is closed so you cant walk down it but you can still enjoy the view from the Gardens of Augustus.


Via Krupp


An absolute must when in Capri - Eat gelato at the oldest gelateria Buonocore and enjoy the freshly made cornetto that is still hot and watch them make it in front of you!


Famous Italian gelato!


Amazing view from the Restaurant Monzù


The name “Monzù” Restaurant is a deformation of the French “Monsieur” which is how they called the chefs who worked in the courts of leading Neapolitan aristocratic families between the 13th and the 19th century.


Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro is the highest point on Capri and offers an amazing view over the Faraglioni and Capri coast. It is also an interesting ride up in the singular funicular.


View from Monte Solaro 



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