Discovering Singapore - by The MissAdventure

Discovering Singapore - by The MissAdventure

 As part of my 1-month Australian tour you know I managed to tick off few places off my bucket list such as Sydney, Kangaroo Island, Whitsunday beach, Fiji but also Singapore. Singapore has  the perfect location for a long layover or a short city break in between 2 destinations and I suggest you add it to your list. On our way back from Fiji we decided to do a 4 days stopover in Singapore and it was the best decision ever. Firstly I could not handle 2x 12h flights on my way back to reality and secondly, Singapore is an amazing city. Read on to find what to do on your stopover in Singapore.


 The legendary Marina Bay Sands

How long to stay?

Singapore is a true melting pot of cultures. It bursts with European flair but has an old Asian soul. Its modern and traditional architecture coexist with each playing their role. Furthermore it satisfies foodie cravings for cheap and tasty eats in food courts but also signature dishes from Michelin star chefs. It is also a shopping heaven for fashionistas and treasure hunters and has more shopping malls you could possibly wish for.  My rule of thumb is always 6-7 days for a bigger city and 4-5 days for a smaller one. You will want to add an additional day or two for this cosmopolitan city. 


Where to stay?

Of course Marina Bay Sands, where else! This was on my bucket list for so long and it did not disappoint. If I ever go to Singapore again I will stay here again. The hotel complex spreads over three towers and we got a beautiful room overlooking Gardens by the Bay.


 Picture from my room at Tower 3


If you don’t want to you don’t need to exit the hotel for three days and you would still have things to do! There are over 80 restaurants, clubs and bars connected with a shopping and gambling center, but it is most known for its rooftop pool, Sky Bar and its nightclub CE LA VI.


What to do in Singapore?

Singapore is both big and small, modern and traditional, European and Asian. It is a city and a country with 5M population. As you can imagine there are plenty of things to do in Singapore are here is my list:


Art and Science Museum

The exhibition Future World  - Where Art meets Science was a perfect discovery on a (rainy) afternoon.


 Art and Science Museum from outside


The Museum  is located close to Marina Bay Sands and is perfect to spend an afternoon be it sun or rain.


The Future World Exibition 

Lau Pa Sat Food Market

This is such a typical thing to do while in Singapore. It is big food hall with different Asian specialties so you can pick and choose what you want to eat. Prices are also very affordable and you can try many different things. I tried out Lau Pa Sat  which is the oldest food court in Singapore but there are many others you can visit during your stay.


Cocktails with a View

Another must do in Singapore is to have some delicious cocktails served with a view. Maybe the most famous one is the Fullerton Hotel with a magnificent view on Marina Bay Sands. I am still sad I don’t have a photo from here but some things you need to keep for the time when you return, no? If you want to google it however you can click here


CE LA VI Rooftop club

Located in Marina Bay Sands this rooftop bar and club has some magnificent views, cocktails and dance beats. No photo is available because it was dark and we were too busy shaking it on the dance floor! ☺


Rainforest and Flower Dome

Another thing checked off the list! There are actually two domes one close to each other, called the Flower Dome and the Rainforest Dome.


 The indoor waterfall at Rainforest Dome

I visited only the Rainforest Dome and it was incredible to experience an rain forest  indoors. Pretty crazy concept if you think about it!


China Town and Little India

If you have time please visit both! China Town is home to the Keong Saik Road, a colourful one-way street in Art Deco style. You can find Chinese shops, spas, restaurants and bars.


 Lively China Town

Little India as the name implies as a bustling place with Indian culture and colours. Super fun to visit and an opportunity to try some nice Indian dishes.


Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay are a popular destination for tourists but it is worth to visit it especially during the daily shows.



Is there a specific season you would recommend for Singapore, or is it more or less the same weather all year long? P.S. I love your picture at the Rainforest Dome!

Lindsay Troncone

Lindsay Troncone

Great post! I need to get to Singapore soon!!



Singapore is on my list of places I am dying to visit! I have always wanted to go and I hope some day I will be able to! Great post , your photos look amazing! x

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