Top 10 Things to do in Sydney

Top 10 Things to do in Sydney

The MissAdventure Guide to Sydney!


If you are following us on Social Media you know that we spent 1 month travelling across Australia and our first stop was Sydney. If you are planning a visit here is a list of top 10 things to do in this amazing city or maybe after you read this you decide to visit this amazing city. ☺


How long to stay: 3-4 days to explore the city; allow 7-10 days to visit the surroundings too

Where to stay: Darling Harbour was a good choice, but Circular Quay is more central

Which hotel: We stayed at Sofitel Darling Harbour. Great service, great décor. It is a new kid on the block standing tall at Darling Harbour, which is just a short walk away to many good restaurants. It also has a great pool with a view on the Sydney Skyline. In case you fancy a change of scenery for a night it is also close to China Town so you can easily explore this part of the city as well.

When to go: In summer (December - February), average maximum temperatures are around 26°C. It can also be humid at this time with an average humidity of 65 per cent. Average maximum temperatures in the winter months (June-August) are around 16°C. Sydney's rainfall is highest between March and June.


What to see/do:


  • Sydney Opera is a Must-See While in Sydney
  • The most known building and the symbol of Sydney is, of course, the Sydney Opera. Did you know that it was built almost 60 years ago? Its incredible design makes it still very modern and is one of those places you simply can’t miss while you are in Sydney. Well is very hard not to see it because it is very prominent and centrally located so you can see it from many different angles and view points. We loved the views from Sydney Bridge, the Botanical Garden and from the ferry.



  • Darling Harbour is a Good Choice for Your Stay

  • Darling Harbour is a lively area filled with bars and restaurants on the harbour and surrounded by modern architecture. Stroll through numerous bars and restaurants. We tried Steak house and Greek place and both were delicious.



    Botanical Garden

    Centrally located and free to access it is a perfect walk that ends ( or starts) with a view of Opera House. Get ready to do some mandatory selfies! Did you know that spreads over 30 hectares and is open every day?



    The State Library is Worth a Visit

    The State Library of NSW began as a small subscription library in the 1820s for colonials who were desperate to read books. From these early beginnings it became the world class, global library it is today that you can visit for free and stroll around to make photos (Hint, hint!)



    Don’t Miss Bondi Beach!

    We missed it and now I regret it! But it is like that when you travel. You need to make choices and set priorities and sometimes even though you research and plan you end up missing a place or two that were on your list. Icebergs iconic saltwater pool is awaiting you on Bondi Beach.


    Photo Source: Bonjourjenn


    Congee to Bondi Coastal Walk and Sculpture by the Sea

    While you are close to Bondi Beach you can also do the popular coastal walk from Congee to Bondi or just a part of it. There is also an exhibition called Sculpture by the Sea where you can enjoy artwork displayed on the coast.


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    Eight Shaped Pools

    Have you heard about 8 shaped natural pools? The hit on Instagram is cca 1h drive away from Sydney and located in Royal National Park. This coastal rock shelf is dotted with natural rockpools – including one in the shape of figure eight. However, a visit to this popular spot is only possible at low tide and in flat surf conditions. And in order to avoid crowds go early morning and during the week.

  • Photo Source: Langports


    Blue Mountains National Park

    If you want to escape the city buzz and explore the nature you can visit the Blue Mountains National Park that is only 1h drive from the city. There are many trails you can do but the impressive one is the Three Sisters walk.


    Photo Source: Blue Mountains National Park


    Ferry as a Means of Transport

    The ultimate way to get around from one part of the city to the next is the Ferry. We used it to get from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay ( and vice versa) but also to get to Manly Beach. You get free views of the Opera House and Sydney skyline so this is a perfect photo opportunity.

  • Sydney Bridge

    You can choose to climb it, go under it, cross it or view it while sipping a cocktail. We loved the view from the Opera Bar but we also recommend you to cross it by foot as it gives you really nice views of the Opera House and Sydney Skyline.

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  • Secret Garden

    It is no secret anymore but the Secret Garden has great views on the Sydney and the Sydney Bridge plus is a nice relaxing walk from the Luna Park.






    Really enjoyed your tips! Yes the Bondi beach is a must! We were there last year and I want to go back! And now even moreee ? ?✌️

    Filipa Motta

    Filipa Motta

    Great tips! I visited Sydney before but now I realized that I missed a few spots. I guess this article is a great motivation to go to Australia again :D

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