Why you must visit Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why you must visit Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is certainly the most known and visited Croatian city. This walled city is also an UNESCO world heritage site and regardless if you are a Game of Thrones fan or not is definetly worth putting on your bucket list.  It gained wealth through trade and was known  as Republic of Ragusa during 14th-19th century. The MissAdventure team explored Dubrovnik this summer. Read through our must do's and join our ultimate Dubrovnik Girl Trip in April, 2019


Best city views - Mount Srd

The best city views are from Mount Srd and you can reach it by cable car (cca 20EUR return ticket per person). It really gives you a breathtaking views and also perfect photo opportunity. There is a restaurant and a bar up there called Panorama Bar and Restaurant so you can enjoy the view a bit longer or you can just walk around the viewing platform. 





Dubrovnik Old Town

Dubrovnik city is known for its Old Town all covered in stones. It has two entrances/exits - Pile and Ploce. The entire city is like a little labirinth of narrow streets worth exploring that all lead to the main city square Stradun. The interesting thing is that the main square is in a valley. A very typical croatian thing is to have coffee on this square at one of the local bars and to enjoy the views for hours, especially on a Saturday morning. 

Pro tip: Wake up early and have it only for your self! 




Dubrovnik City Walls 

One thing you will notice are of course the City Walls that surround the city and in the past served for protection. Nowaday you can take a walk around the walls (cca 20EUR per person) and they give you a perfect view over the city.



Beach St. Jacub/ Jakov

This the best beach in town and my personal favorite as it gives you an incredible view over the city. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and there is also a bar/restaurant so you can stay the full day. From there a taxi boat can take you back to the city. 



Explore the Old City

Entire city is filled with photo worthy spots like this fountain in the middle of old city. Have a stroll through the city alleys and explore on your own. You can discover shops, restaurants and bars. There is even a bar located outside of the city walls and you need to wall through a small wall opening. It is called Buza bar - try to find it! 




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