Belize Girls Trip 17.06.2019- 23.06.2019

Travel to amazing Belize to become one with nature. You will relax nested away in a tree house, practice yoga, eat healthy produce from their farm and reconnect with nature far away fromt he rest of the world. You can book this retreat year around alone or you can join us on a retreat with  like-minded women from around the world and so create friendships that last a lifetime. 


8 compelling reasons to book your trip to Belize with The MissAdventure

  • Reconnect with nature and sleep in a tree house
  • Practice yoga and boost your energy!
  • Visit Mayan cocoa production and see how it is done since nacient times
  • Eat healthy - most of the food is grown at the prperty under motto from "farm to table"
  • And most importantly have fun with soul sisters and female bloggers like yourself and establish connections and friendships that last a lifetime!


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