Who is MissAdventure?

"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.” ― P.C

MissAdventure Credo

  • We believe life is an adventure. Take risks. Try new things. Explore. Travel. Live.
  • Stay curious. Step out of your comfort zone. Learn.
  • Improvement starts with "I". Learn. Constantly upgrade yourself. Take a course. Network. Read a book. Go on a conference. 
  • We believe in action. Start today.
  • We don't believe in failures, just learnings. 
  • Everybody is on their own journey. Respect that.
  • There is no perfection, but that is perfect and so are you.
  • Think WE. Community is the future. Support eachother. 
  • We try to make this world a better place. Every gesture matters. From recycling to kind words. 
  • You define your success. Go and do amazing things. 


A MissAdventure is any woman who decided to live the life on her own terms, who doesn't accept status quo, who takes risks. She defines success for herself and is not affraid to go for it!  As women we can best understand eachother and support eachother which was the founding principle for the MissAdventure Festival and Community.


Founded by Paola Crevatini Rebsamen in 2016 The MissAdventure is a community and a conference shaping, inspiring and connecting extraordinary women worldwide united by their passion of following their dreams and supporting each other.

At this unique community and conference we celebrate real women with real success stories. We challenge the traditional definitions of success and ways of life. You will learn while having fun. Connect with extraordinary women and make life long connections and partnerships. You will become part of a global movement that pushes you forward.

It is a community. It is a conference. It is a networking party. It is a movement. It is MissAdventure Festival.