Why MissAdventure?



The MissAdventure was founded as I wanted a place where we could share the experiences about traveling, food, fashion and life.


It is a safe place for like minded women to travel and create content together while creating friendships that last a lifetime! We women create amazing content when we collaborate and support each other! You might need a creative inspiration, a digital detox or just connect and learn from other women. Whatever it is you can find it at MissAdventure Getaways designed specifically for women by women. 


I also firmly believe that travel in a way makes us a better person, we learn about other cultures, people, countries, religions and we broaden our perspective, get more tolerant. Therefore making us better persons and as a result making this world a better place. 

Join our community of +13 500 amazing women, lets explore this world together! 





Paola Crevatini Rebsamen,

The MissAdventure Founder