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MissAdventure Festival Croatia 17-19.05.2019

Get ready for the first The MissAdventure festival that will bring female travellers and entrepreneurs from around the world together in Istria Croatia during 2 days of fun, learnings and collaboration. Bring your blog or business on the next level and learn all about personal branding, monetizing your blog, photography and starting your own business!

Global unemployment is still much higher than it was before the 2018 crash and according to International Labour Organisation this problem is not going away. It is estimated that 10Million of jobs need to be created each year just to adress the new labour force. The days where after graduation you get a stable job and make a good livining are basically gone. On the other hand with new technologies it was never easier to create a business. To stand out of mass today you need to build new skills, think outside of the box and create new opportunities yourself. This is what MissAdventure Festival is about. We support women to follow their dreams.


MissAdventure Festival is right for you if:

  • You want to start your blog and make a living from it
  • You want to boost your business 
  • You have a blog but you want to monetize it
  • You want to connect with women who have done it and learn from them first hand
  • Build your network and create new friendships
  • Have fun with like minded women while exploring a fun region
  • You feel stuck, have a creative block or need a boost of energy
  • You want to learn something new
  • Want to become a member of an community of driven, successful women who are not afraid to follow their dreams
  • Want an FREE individual consulting session
  • You are tired of boring conferences with plain theory you forget the minute you leave
  • MissAdventure Festival is a proactive workshop that will boost your creative spirit to new levels and give you equipment to shine


READ more about the Festival here.

Limited spots available for EARLY BIRD, reserve yours now and secure a good deal.


Cancellation policy: Please note that there are NO refunds available, but this ticket can be transferred to another person in case you can not make it. 

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