South Tyrol Wellness Oasis

South Tyrol Wellness Oasis


As you know we are a huuuuuuge lovers of wellnessing and we wrote about the best Wellness experiences in Switzerland so this time in the search of the perfect weekend escape we went a bit more south and to be more exact we visited the region of South Tyrol in Italy.

Now we have been to Italy quite some times but this was the first time in this region so on one hand while we have heard a lot about the region we were also quite unsure what this adventure holds for us. And to be honest after a lock down it felt soooo goooood to be on the road! As it was our anniversary it was also a good time to celebrate with that little extra!


 Winkler Hotel


After a cca 3h drive from Sankt Gallen we checked in on Friday after work at Winkler Hotel & Spa, an historic yet completly renovated and modern 5 star hotel with 3 pools, spa, entertainment area with pool area for children, cinema, climbing, yoga studio and fitness.


Winkler Library



As it was already quite late we immediately went for dinner which has both a rich salad buffet and few set options on the menu. We had Salat buffet for starters, followed by hummer soup and filet with potatoes as main. For dessert we had an delicious mint sorbet. The  dinner finishes around 10pm.


Winkler Hotel Fine Dining



We only checked out our room after dinner, which was a 2 bedroom Natura Suite with 2 bathrooms and a private sauna in the garden. Yes we had a private sauna and I completely value the privacy it offer as it elevates the entire spa experience and gives it such an luxurious and romantic touch. If you are looking for a romantic surprise for a loved one - this is it! The only thing worth mentioning is that there are some houses nearby who have a lovely view on the sauna, but this never bothered us and we have never seen other people there. 


 Winkler Hotel and Spa Private Sauna



The next day we spent a full day at the hotel and I can't remember when was the last time this happened to us. As mentioned earlier it has so much to offer and you can easily spend the full day relaxing, having a massage, playing games or chilling at the pool. Chilling at the pool was our favorite activity as it was a hot beautiful day in South Tyrol and we wanted to enjoy every minute. 


Winkler Pool


 All in all we had a fantastic stay in Winkler Hotel and what I cherished the most ( apart from the pool and sauns area) was the fact that we had 3/4 meal plan included. No worries about where to eat and what to eat, you just go to the restaurant, have your table waiting for you and enjoy the evening. This is the first time I had an all inclusive ( except the hotel in Dom Rep) and I loved it! The best part was that the food and the service was on such a high level with a rich buffet and a great variety of desserts. 


We will be back for sure and I hope we have inspired you to visit Winkler Hotel too. 


Winkler Hotel Pool Outside






All inclusive is the best worrie-free holiday! We had it on Maldives and it was really a nice touch to already superb Maldives expereince:)

Loubna Cherradi

Loubna Cherradi

OMG I’m booking myself this experience! This is an amazing getaway. I’ve been looking for something like for so long! I felt relaxed just by reading the post XD
And the food looks good enough to throw my diet away! I’m definitely doing this!!! Thanks for sharing!



This truly sounds like an amazing experience! I have not been to this area before but there are some places nearby that are on my #bucketlist 🙌 Maybe I pay a visit to Winkler too

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