Why being adventurous is a key trait in life

Why being adventurous is a key trait in life

At MissAdventure we believe that being adventurous brings you an advantage in life and it is our mission to inspire women to explore more, risk more, travel more and be fearless. In the end what is the worst that can happen? We don't believe in failures, but learnings.


Say YES to new Adventures should become your new motto! 


If you do have an adventerous spirit you are more likely to live your life to the fullest, explore various options, travel, learn, grow and also achieve great things in life. You are also more likely to change the things you are not happy with ( given they can change). 


It is all too easy to get trapped in the beliefs "I can't", "I am not good enough", I would love to but I have no money* and other limiting thoughts and behaviours. On the other side of fear and excuses however there is a world of opportunities that you can tap into. There is always something you can do. If you are truly passionate about something you will find a way. 


In fact we believed in this so much we created a Festival for it! Inspiring and showcasing women who have done remarkable things in life while connecting you and shaping fnew generation of female leaders, entrepreneours and digital nomads. If you are passionate about personal growth and if you want to pursue a digital career so you can be completely location independent - than this is for you!

To start a business you need only a laptop and wifi but to stay in business you need so much more - a supporting network, excellent digital knowledge, constant learnings and a winning mindset. This and more you get at MissAdventure Festival held annually in Croatia.


And we promise you will be having so much fun that you might not even notice the growth at first. 


Tp get even more insights about this unique event and community check out our program here.












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