11 Reasons Why Morocco is Perfect for a Girl Trip

11 Reasons Why Morocco is Perfect for a Girl Trip

Charming Riads, busy Souk, tantalizing tajine,  relaxing Hammam.... Marrakesch is the perfect destination for a getaway regardless who you end up going with (your partner, alone or on a girl trip with us). Proof for that is the fact that I have been visiting since 2012 and our Morocco Signature Girl Trip  is our absolute bestseller. I can't wait to go again in 2020 on our Reboot Desert Retreat and Signature Morocco Girl Trip. Here is why you will love Marrakesch too: 


0.  Welcome Dinner

We always start our adventure with a traditional Welcome dinner in the Riad and a Henna Party where we transform into Moroccan Princesses, chat and have fun getting to know each other better. 

 Morocco Girl Trip

1. Cozy and picture perfect Riads

To truly experience Morocco you need to stay in a traditional house (or palace), with an interior garden or courtyard, known as Riad. Not only are they beautiful and cozy they also offer the perfect peaceful oasis away from the city hustle and bustle.  Needles to say, depending on the group size we might have this pool are only for ourselves. 


La Riad Yasmine


2. Colorful Souk

Colorful  leather slippers, lamps in all shapes and forms, spices, tea pots, bags or colorful pottery - you will have a hard time choosing the perfect souvenir from Marrakesh. A bonus is a  FREE negotiation class as you will need to negotiate hard with Moroccan sellers! All of the stands are also the perfect photo spots so we will have a lot of opportunity for photoshootings. Always make sure you ask for permission though! 

 Marrakesh Souk

3. Sex and the City Remake

Sahara might be 10-12h away but in the outskirts of Marrakesch you can get a taste of the Stone desert annnnd the perfect chance for the Sex and the City movie remake which was so much fun and now is one of my favourite photos & memories from the trip! 

 MissAdventure Morocco Girl Trip

4. Second home to YSL

Next to the residency of Yves Saint Laurent, the famous Majorelle Garden now there is a YSL Museum where you can enjoy all his creations in real, learn about his life and creations. I have to admit I did not know much before visiting the museum & I strongly recommend to add it to your list. I will aslo give you an insider tipp: If the line for Garden Majorelle is too long, just walk over tot he Museum and you can buy both tickets there & skip the line! Ha! You are welcome! :) 

 YSL Museum

5.  Relaxing Hammam Experience

Another must when in Marocco is a Hammam Spa experience. The most known and luxurious are La Mamounia and Royal Mansour, but there are thousands of others to choose from if your pockets are not so deep. Elisa Riad and Spa for example offer a Hammam and massage package for 90 EUR and you can usually have the area to yourself. 

Royal Mansour Spa


6. Tajine cooking class

During your stay you will try variations of tajine & each will taste different! This tasty dish is addictive so don't be surprised if you buy a traditional tajine pot that is equally pretty as a souvenir. Usually your Riad will offer the cooking class ( cc 60EUR pp) but you can also choose from La Maison Arabe (cca 60 EUR pp) or a more affordable version by Marrakesch Gastronomy that comes to your riad or you can go and chill at their pool ( cca 30EUR pp) 


7. Nightlife for every taste

Marrakech is famous for its nightlife and you will notice the change from day time. From a night visit to Djema el Fna to an upscale restaurant with belly dancers and music the choice is yours. We always make sure we have at least 1 night out at a upscale restaurant like Azar or Comptoir Darna - Tajine or Mezze, Shisha, belly dancers and live music transport you instantly to another world. 



8. Private guided tour in Marrakech 

We always do one private guided tour so you can see the hidden alleys and spots still not accessible to most tourists.  From palaces, museums to the walls of medina, you will discover a city rich of history. Choose from Bahia Palace, El Badi Palace, Koutoubia Mosque, Saadien Tombs, Ben Youssef Musque, Marrakesch Museum, Le Jardin Secret and many more to enrich your stay. You will probably need to visit again to see them all. 

 Bahia Palace

9. Cactus Thiemann

Just a 20 min drive outside of Marrakech you will reach Cactus Thiemann, a private botanical garden home to over 150 sorts of cacti. It is well hidded but an expereinced driver will know how to find it. Entry is 15EUR but it gives you a guided tour. NOTE: If there is no guided tour and you still want to visit you can do so anytime but the price will be the same. They might not say it at first so be sure to ask. 

Cactus Thiemann


10. Koutoubia Mosque 

 Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakech and a symbol of the city. It is the ighest building too so you can always see it and use for orientation. The name Koutoubia originates  from the Arabic word for bookseller - back in the day up to 100 booksellers would trade at the entrance to the mosque and in the surrounding gardens.

Koutoubia Mosque

10. Restaurants and bars

 From a night visit to Djema el Fna to an upscale restaurant with belly dancers and music the choice is yours. There is so much choice you will have a hard time choosing where to go but here is a list of our favorites as we often eat outside during our girl trip. Azar, Comptoir Darna, I Limoni, Le Salama, El Jardin are equally pretty and offer amazing food experience. 

Le Salama Restaurant Marrakech


 11. Laughter, photos and friendships

And maybe the most fun part of joining a MissAdventure Girl Trip are all those friendships you will make with like minded women from all over the world you wouldn't meet otherwise. You will make so many memories for a lifetime and we will capture everything on camera too so you will leave with 1001 photos as proof and maybe shed a tear when it is over ( I tend to get emotional too but psssst don't tell anyone) :) 


"I just want to thank you for truly an amazing experience and tell you I had such an amazing time on this girls trip! Truly a trip I will never forget !"  - Sally @thatnursesally


"We were the best small group and Paola is an amazing host" - Kathrin @kathrindilauro


"Wonderful experience with amazing ladies I just met a week ago. I learned so much from them and I felt like I've known them for a long time" - Lordy @themodernqueenexplorer


" Another The MissAdventure Girlt Trip is happening now and I am so sad I am missing it. Wishing the new gals the very best time and can't wait to see the photos! - Ivanna @ivanna.joyce


"Soon starts the new Miss Adventure Morocco trip and I would love to join again. Miss the girls and the vibes! Can't wait for the Festival in June 2020" - Serena @serena.schi


Thank you for reading through my blog post and I hope you will decide to join me for a Girl Trip in Marrakech, a Photography & Content Creation Tour or our Signature Reboot Yoga Desert Camp. Make sure to express interest by filling in the form. I look forward welcoming you to the world of Morocco. 



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