7 Best Photo Opportunities in Marrakesh, Morocco

7 Best Photo Opportunities in Marrakesh, Morocco


Are you like us and every time you travel you are on the hunt for the most photogenic, most beautiful and most spectacular places you can see? Yay, this post is for you then.

If you fell in love with photos like we did, we suggest you book our Morocco Girls Trip and start the year 2019 with the best gift: girls only getaway that will make you feel like in a 1001 night fairytale and leave you with friendships that will last a lifetime (did we mention a full memory card too?).



Medina is the old walled part of Marrakesh where life continues much as it has for hundreds of year. The heart of the Medina is the Jemma el Fna square, which transforms every afternoon. Around 4pm, you can see hundreds of stalls that are set up to provide cheap and delicious fresh food and juices!



The Souk, or in other words traditioanl market, in Marrakesh is perfect for some local shopping or photo taking. They are often divided into sections for the various trades. You'll see herbalists, spice sellers, metal workers, tanners and food markets congregated on trade-specific streets.



You basically cannot come to Morocco without eating couscous or tajine. But if you want to try traditional food with a twist, we suggest having dinner under the stars at Nomad restaurant - amazing views over Medina, lovely interior and delicious-looking meals perfect for your Instagram. Food in Morocco is not only tasty, but it’s also incredibly photogenic and you don’t need to be a professional photographer to get a decent shot.



La Mamounia

Probably the most photographed interior in Marrakesh is the Le Mamounia with its traditional black and white columns. We will have the best opportunity to take the perfect shot while we enjoy our ladies lunch at the famous La Mamounia Hotel.


Hammam Experience

Hammams and spas are a thing in Morocco. You can choose any one of them to enjoy great pampering, but Es Saadi Resort will offer you an extremely adorable interior as well. Ritual for your body and an extra one for your eyes. It is also a 5-star hotel that will offer you the luxurious experience you deserve.


Le Jardin Majorelle

One of the most beautiful spots in Marrakech, don’t miss this one. Previously owned by Yves Saint Laurent, this garden pops out with an electric blue among trees and cactuses.



Morrocan desert

One night in the Sahara is a truly unforgettable epic adventure during which you can take photos of the dunes, play with the sand, even sand board, enjoy the sunset and ride a camel. All of this will make you fall in love with Morocco even more.


Le Riad Yasmine

Yes, we will be staying in the famous Le Riad Yasmine on our Moroccan girls trip! So you will have countless opportunities to make that perfect shot by the pool or just chill as you please. :)


Palais de la Bahia

Morocco is definitely a land of different colors and patterns but you cannot miss the Bahia Palace when visiting Marrakesh. It is quiet, beautiful and yes, there is a garden behind the walls!



So does this trigger your imagination? If yes make sure you reserve your spot for our Moroccan Girls Trip! The 7-day luxurious journey that will cover all of those experiences above and more. :)

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Love all the suggestions! I can’t wait until I can plan a trip to Morocco, and definitely using this advice!

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