WIN 15 000 dollars worth trip to Bali, Philippines and Thailand

WIN 15 000 dollars worth trip to Bali, Philippines and Thailand

If travelling for FREE  for a month to exotic countries sounds A M A Z IIIIII N G then you should keep reading, because @femmetravel has partnered up with the coolest company ever that wants to give you an experience of a lifetime. 


Do you have a knack for photography and dreams of travelling the world? Are you an aspiring content creator or a born storyteller who lives for captivating an audience? Then the perfect opportunity for you could be just a click away. If you haven`t heard of them we would like to introduce you to Hey Dude shoes!


Yes you heard that right! Hey Dude makes lightweight, affordable and comfortable shoes for traveling. Founded in 2008 the brand sold more than 5 M I L L I O N pairs worldwide and continues to raise the bar for exceptional footwear each year. As a thank you they have organised this amazing giveaway and we are so thankful for this great opportunity. So spread the word to your friends to increase your chances of winning this amazing opportunity!



Hey Dude shoes want to send TWO people on an once-in-a-lifetime trip through Thailand, Philippines and Bali. A true bloggers paradise! For 4 weeks you and a friend or significant other could drink from coconuts in Thailand, swimm with Whale Sharks in the Pilippines and ride scooters through the jungles of Bali. Not to mention the flowers baths, swings, rice fields and floating markets that await for you. The only catch is - you have to have time of your life and document your adventures daily, while wearing your Hey Dude shoes ( Ok and please don't forget to tag @femmetravel to showcase your photos and win a feature). Hey Dude pays for your flights and hotels while you and your partner get 3000 USD each in cash to spend to your liking during the month. Ok this truly is a trip of a lifetime! 



1. To be considered you and your partner must create 1-2 minute video showing why you are the right team to be chosen for this epic adventure. 

2. Submit the video on YouTube using #BeAnyoneAnywhere

3. Remember to submitt the videos by 31. January, 2019


Click here for terms and conditions and further information on how to submit your video. 

Hey Dude shoes wants to make your dreams a reality.  Let the Adventure Begin!






We will do a very cool video!!!😃



What an amazing opportunity! 😍😍😍

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