Why you should go on a MissAdventure girl trip

Why you should go on a MissAdventure girl trip

The MissAdventure was founded in 2017 in Switzerland and in 2018 we hosted our first girl trips in Dubai and Croatia and we are planning many exciting destinations in 2019 like Morocco, Croatia, Dubai, Cappadoccia, Adria Cruise and we are adding few long weekend trips in Europe! We are an active and growing community of +200 000 women worldwide and we pride ourselves on connecting women from all over the world!


"The best trips and the best organizer!" - Marina from @marinacomes

Who joins our MissAdventure Girl Trips?

MissAdventure is any woman in her 20-40ties  who doesn't want to travel alone and spend weeks organising her trips. She wants to connect with other women during an epic adventure and usually she joins alone or with a friend. All our trips are carefully planned so that you only book and pack, everything else is taken care of by the MissAdventure Team and we only choose the highlights of the region, including must see's, restaurants and much more. On each trip you also get MissAdventure gift bag and we have a luxury welcome dinner party so we can all meet and mingle as the adventure begins.


What to expect before the trip?

Before the trip you receive all information about the destination, the trip itinerary, what to pack, the participants and we even create a group chat so we can all stay in touch! You only need to book and pack, the rest is taken care off by the MissAdventure team. 



What to expect during the trip? 

The trips are all inclusive and your job is to relax and enjoy the experience which has been carefully crafted to our high standards from things to see to foods to try. We sometimes have a photographer on the trip to to capture all the nice shots of  you ( which you get free of charge after the trip). You also get an opportunity to travel and learn from The MissAdventure Founder, Paola Crevatini Rebsamen.


For our next trip in Morocco famous travel influencer Marina Comes will join us and teach you some photography tips while Paola will have a 1:1 counseling session with you, all included in the price! This is perfect for everyone who wants to grow their social media - marketing strategy, amazing content and you learn how to do it yourself! Else just take this time back and enjoy an afternoon in the city.

 MissAdventure Girl Trip

What to expect after the trip?

After the trip you will get the photos, a thank you goodie bag (worths 250EUR) for each participant and each traveler automatically becomes member of the MissAdventure Community with a lot of exicting discounts, giveaways and tips and trick to grow your social media or start your own business. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter! There is even Founder Notes that shares some background information and you can join our FB Group The MissAdventure Community. 

 MissAdventure girl trip

What type of trips do we organise? 

MissAdventure runs educational retreats, yoga and mindfulness retreats, culture and gourmet retreats and blogger events tailored for women only. This is a safe way to travel and we offer a fixed price guarantee. For example we had our blogger retreat in Croatia, a culture retreat in Morocco, a summer cruise in Croatia and Montenegro and a yoga retreat in Belize.

 MissAdventure Festival


Who hosts the MissAdventure girl trips?

For now all girl trips are hosted by Paola Crevatini Rebsamen, the MissAdventure Founder. She has over a decate experience in traveling the world and organising trips. She has been in over 45 countries so far and in many over 10 times. She also has over a decade of experience in marketing working for big brands like Unilever, Microsoft an eBay.  In 2017 Paola founded The MissAdventure Community, a community for all women who want to learn, connect and share from other women worldwide. She feels very passionate about supporting women to create their own online business and she supports them through the MissAdventure Community, Trips and MissAdventure Festival. 


 MissAdventure Girl Trips


Why should you join our MissAdventure trips? 


1) Take time for yourself

Nowadays we are all so busy and we, especially women, are used to giving 100% of ourselves at work, for our families, kids and partners. However it is essential that we also take care of ourselves and our well being. Taking a step back with fellow women can be so refreshing. It gives a new perspective, we connect with women from all over the world, with different backgrounds and hobbies. And all while travelling and having fun! Our retreats are designed to soothe your mind, body and soul regardless if it is a culture retreat in Morocco, a mindfulness retreat in Belize or a gourmet retreat in Croatia we always plan a well rounded trip and sprinkle all with some amazing shots for your social media or personal memory. 


2) Make new friends... from all over the world!

We pride ourselves that our members come from over 90 countries and that there is always such a  diversity during our trips! All trips are in English and it is always so fun to watch how quickly the group bonds and make friendships of a lifetime, it is not a secret that sharing such an adventure creates memories for a whole life to tell! Join us and create your own story! After all, life is an adventure! 


 "The best part of joining The MissAdventure Girl Trips is getting to discover an amazing destination alongside some of the most inspiring, hilariously funny and driven women I have ever met. " - Samantha from @wanderingwanderluster 


MissAdventure Girl Trips


2) Become a member of an inspiring community 

Everybody who joins our retreats becomes a member of a community that loves supporting women in any way possible. We are here for eachother in thick and thin and you can ask any questions in our group chat from how does this logo look like to how is it being a  single mom and travel. We believe that life is an adventure and this spirit should be reflected in everything we do. 


 "This girl trip was an amazing adventure! ... the fun, food and only the top destination on the menu. It was an eye opener in so many ways and I will return as a different person" - Cashmyra from @cashmyra.me


Girl Trips


3) All trips are hand picked and personally tested

 We are a very small boutique company with 3 team members and all our trips are carefully handpicked. For example all destinations are personally visited and tested before the trip starts so we make sure everything is up to our standards. 


"I am super happy I joined the MissAdventure Family" - Gabriela from @iamfoodietraveler


MissAdventure girl trips


 4) Book and pack - everything else is taken care off!

 Are you a busy woman that would appreciate us taking care of all the details? 

Your friends are too busy or your husbans/boyfriend doesn't want to go to that exotic destination, but you also don't want to go alone? No worries, we got your back! 

Not only that we plan everything you are also not alone so it is safe and carefree but a definetly more fun to travel with a bunch of likemided women! 


"I am thrilled how MissAdventure mastered the trip! The organisation and the activities were perfect!" - Juhulia from @ju.hu.lia



MissAdventure Girl Trip


5) Get amazing content for your social media

 During our trips we create amazing content, travel together and have fun! Fun fact: we took over +10 000 photos at the last trip all together. :) For example in our Croatia girl trip we had a private photoshootign in the Amphitheatre with baloons! A memory you get to cherish forever! 


My camera and my phone are filled with captured memories from our trip! The photoshootings were great and I have at least 1 month of content - Naomi from @authentichica


MissAdventure Girl Trip


6) Have fun! 

Most importantly we want you to have fun! This is the coolest part of the trip as you instantly become a member of MissAdventure Family and make new friends.


 "...It is an opportunity to build deep friendships, learn from each other, share your passion for travel all while laughing so hard your stomach mussels wish for a vacation on their own!" - Samantha from@wanderingwanderluster

 MissAdventure Girl trip


 At least once a year go on a girl trip with MissAdventure! 

Upcomming trips ready for booking:

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