8 Stunning Spas in Switzerland

8 Stunning Spas in Switzerland

Wellnessing is a big topic in Switzerland. That’s why there are so many amazing Spas sprinkled around the country from the ones overlooking the cities to the ones overlooking lakes and mountains. At The MissAdventure we loooove pampering so much it is one of the prerequisites of working here! Here is our list of the top Spas and wellnesses in Switzerland (random order). Let us know what you think!


Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa

Situated in the mountains, developed by the famous architect it offers a beautiful sight for the eyes and the soul. You can truly relax here and forget all your worries.


Photo: Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa


Panorama Resort and Spa, Feusisberg

Are you looking for relaxation with a view from the restaurant, the spa, the pool and from your room? Well, then Panorama Resort and Spa is the place you have been looking for!


Photo: Panorama Resort and Spa


LeCrans Hotel and Spa, Crans-Montana

This beautiful mountain based traditional hotel has an equally thrilling spa. It is especially beautiful in the winter with the snow surrounding the hot pool.


Photo: LeCrans Hotel and Spa


Dolder Grand Hotel and Spa, Zurich

You can enjoy this spa close to the city yet miles away from the city rush.


Photo: The MissAdventure 

Zurich Thermalbad and Spa, Zurich

This oasis in the middle of Zurich provides you a dip with the view over the city of Zurich and you get to swim in huuuuuge wooden barrels used to make beer while it was a brewery.


Source: Zurich Thermal Bath and Spa


Villa Honegg, Ennetburgen

And how about relaxing in a boutique villa with an amazing view over the Lucerne lake and surrounding mountains?


Photo: The MissAdventure

Kulm Hotel, St. Moritz


Photo: Kulm Hotel and Spa, St.Moritz


  • Therme 7132, Graubunden

  • Envisioned and designed by the architect Petr Zumthor there is a special aura once you enter this magical place of relaxation.


    Photo: Therme 7132


    Let us know what you think! If your Spa is missing and if you would like us to review your Spa or Hotel write us at paola@themissadventure.com

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