What to expect from MissAdventure Festival 2020

What to expect from MissAdventure Festival 2020


2nd MissAdventure Festival

Zagreb, Croatia 04-06.06.2020

MissAdventure Festival - Shaping, inspiring and connecting ambitious and adventurous women worldwide
 Every year ambitious and adventurous women from all over the world travel
to a dream like location to meet. learn and support eachother. 
MissAdventure Festival is more than a conference. It is a celebration, It is a movement and it is a lifestyle.  In 2020 we will connect in Zagreb. Croatia for 2 full days of workshops, celebrations and networking in a dream like setting.
Read on what you can expect.
MissAdventure Festival


1. What will you learn at the MissAdventure Festival? 

We bring international speakers, carefully sought out female leaders and real women with real success stories. We share some of the most inspiring life stories showing you what it takes to become the best version of yourself. We focus on a highly innovative approach to success combining each sphere of life - career, business or private life. You will learn techniques and tools to boost your productivity, mental and physical energy but also how to network and how to preate engaging content and how to present yourself and so much more. 


2. Who will you meet at the MissAdventure Festival? 

You will  network with female leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, bloggers and influencers, brands, media, content creators, digital nomads, photographers and ambitous and adventurous women from all over the world who want more from life and who are passionate about becoming part of a super powerful network of women that support eachother. 


3. What to expect at the MissAdventure Festival?

When you put together 200 extraordinary women during 2 full days of fun, workshops, activities, parties and networking you will leave feeling inspired, energised, ready to conquer the world with new tools, knowledge and connections. 


4. You become part of a global family

Once you join the Festival you become part of a movement, a lifestyle and a unique global family that becomes a way of life and a philosophy - to live a life without regrets, to take chances, to risk and to go for it! Life is an adventure - let the adventure begin!


5. Unique setting, unique vibes

Being part of the MissAdventure Festival is an experience. We create an unique setting to make sure you have the best time ever! Hammocks, sofas, swings set out in the woods and served with yummy food and cocktails is just part of the story so expect to make a loooot of photos. 

6. Networking with friends from all over the world

 You will make so many new friends, contacts that your head will spin from joy! Because we all have same interests we bond almost immediately! Ladies who joined our last festival travel together, visit eachother, work together, found sponsors and partners so chances are great you will do the same! If you are looking for somethign in particular just write in our App and we will connect you through our speed networking.

7. Choose between a main stage and topic specific workshops

Apart from the main stage we will have separate stages to various topics like beauty, travel, food and photograpgy with many workshops hosted by brands or bloggers so you can learn and connect. This saves you so much time and energy if you would do it on your own. 

 8. Finish in style with a party of course

We will finish the Festival in style with a grand party. Just as fyi we closed the Festival this year with some great dance moves! Turnes out MissAdventures are great dances as well! 

Secure your tickets now at the early bird pricing and invest in your future. 

MissAdventure Festival



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