7 Spectacular Beaches In Europe

7 Spectacular Beaches In Europe

Beginning of September. Streets still feel empty and offices start to refill with the sunburned yet sad faces. Post-summer blues for everybody who just returned to reality after well-deserved and long expected summer holidays is part of the deal. But to fight off the feeling at missadventure we thought to write about 7 spectacular European beaches that you must visit in 2018 ( or last-minute 2017 holiday).


1. Benagil caves, Portugal

These amazing caves splash over Instagram and you can’t help but wonder where they are? Well, they are in Portugal. Close to Benagil village where you need to take the fishing boat or kayak and explore the caves (avoid the big boats from neighbouring cities that are more expensive and crowded)

Benagli caves, Portugal Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl2RjGFLSMQ

Benagil caves, Portugal. Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl2RjGFLSMQ


2. Navagio or Shipwreck beach, Zakynthos, Greece

A beautiful secluded cove with a shipwreck is located of course in Greece, the motherland of beautiful beaches. However, this one is special for its turquoise colour, the view from above and it has a shipwreck.


Navagio beach, Greece. Photo Source: Adventurous Travels

3. Cathedrals beach, Spain

Cathedrals beach has been declared a National Monument by the regional government. It is truly a startling site with 30 metre-high arches, galleries, domes and caves carved out by the sea and the wind. The whistling of the wind between the monoliths, best seen at low tide, is said to resonate like organ music inside a church, and therefore the name Cathedrals beach.


Cathedrals beach, Spain. Photo Source: My Trending Stories


4. Cape Greco, Cyprus


Monachus arch, Cyprus. Photo Source: Choose Your Cyprus


5. Faraglioni, Capri, Italy

Rising 106m above the sea the Faraglioni on Capri, Italy are an imposing picture. This dramatic coastline has become a very symbol of the island. There are many viewpoints on the island and you can even take the boat tour. There are two nearby beaches (both with a restaurant) from where you can swim with a breath-taking view or dine if you choose to (entrance to the beach is 30EUR per person).


Capri, Italy


6. National Park Kornati and Nature Park Telašćica

They are true natural wonders and reason to celebrate and admire the nature over and over again. It is not a true beach but it is so amazing we had to include it on our list. It includes a group of 141 islands and reefs and has been declared a national park in 1980 due to its spectacular coastline and rich marine system. The Kornati is still very much untouched but visitors can dine in few restaurants or explore the island by one of the eight hiking trails reaching the point from where the entire national park can be seen.

Just nearby is Nature Park Telašćica. The name probably comes from Latin 'tre lagus' which means three lakes. The most spectacular one is Sea lake Peace (Mir) pictured below. Have you been to the Kornati? Tell us what you think!


Sea Lake Peace (Mir), Croatia. Photo Source: Catamaran Rent Croatia


7. Scala dei Turchi, Italy

Located on Sicily island Scala dei Turchi is a special place because of its white marlstone shaped cliffs that are a perfect contrast to the turquoise blue sea and therefore is perfect for that insta shot!


Scala dei Turchi, Italy. Photo Source: Sunmaster



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