2018 Bucket List by The MissAdventure

2018 Bucket List by The MissAdventure


Australia was a long time wish and finally, it happened at beginning of 2018! Great way to start off the New Year and it did not disappoint! Follow us and hear more all about our travels in Australia! Have you been or do you plan to visit? It is far away so it does need some planning and longer holidays. Even 3 weeks in Australia are not enough to visit all this magical land has to offer.




Another favourite on top of bucket list got crossed over in 2018 (Yay!) We are enjoying Fiji so much right now we don’t want to leave! Why did we book only 6days here? Patience please, we will write all about it once we are back, but in the meantime, you can follow our Instagram stories. 


Photo source: www.escape.com


Blue Lake (Blausee), Switzerland

Added to our bucket list just recently as we learned about this place! Blausee is a common stop but for a reason! We will for sure go there in 2018 so watch out! Have you been here already? 



Amsterdam, Netherlands

Believe it or not, we still have not visited Amsterdam, Netherlands but it is on our list. 2018 is the year to make it happen! What is your goal destination? 


Photo source: www.azamaraclubcruises.com


Lisbon, Portugal

We visited Lisbon a few years ago, but we faced heavy rain so this year we want to go back annnnd stay tuned as we plan a blogger event in Lisbon so if you want to improve your blogging skills subscribe now and let us do the rest. 2018 is when dreams come true! (Make sure you are subscribed to our weekly newsletter to hear about events, discounts and of course travel news) 


Photo source: www.epos-ip.org


Istanbul, Turkey

The amazing city spread on two continents and we want to witness to its beauty. Stay tuned as we explore this magnificent city through insider tips. 



Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Looking for an amazing place to visit in Croatia? Then look no further! We will go and see it for ourselves and tell you that it is worth the trip!


Photo Source: Slavorum


Matera, Italy

Heard about Matera? If not google it! It is sooo on our list and I hope we make it.


Photo source: www.thelocal.it



On our map now for a long time, we hope to grab some free time to explore this gem of culture, rhythm and delicious food. Is Cuba on your list? 


Photo source: www.wendyperrin.com


Honegg pool, Switzerland 

Yes, the Instagram craze got to us so we want to see it with our own eyes. Did you know that you can book a half day spa pass? 


Photo source: www.villa-honegg.ch


We have much more on our wishlist but we had to keep it realistic. :) Let us know if you want to hear more about what triggers our fancy! 

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