The MissAdventure Girl Trip to Istria, Croatia!

The MissAdventure Girl Trip to Istria, Croatia!

in April 10 amazing women from all over the world joined the MissAdventure girl trip in Istria, Croatia and we had a blast! We explored this beautiful region that is known for hilltop villages, amazing food and friendly people. But we also had the opportunity to cooperate, to unite and to learn from each other regardless of where we come from, our body type or relationship status. We created amazing content, shared food and stories and that is when M A G I C happened! 



This is the magic captured on camera, but the truth is it can’t be put into words nor captured otherwise. I am so proud and grateful for all the amazing ladies who joined our trip in Istria, Croatia - a region also known as “little Tuscany”. I can truly say I am richer for 10 amazing ladies, travel sisters and friends 😍💕



And I know that girls who travel together stay together so I am sure our paths will cross again sooner or later. We are also indefinitely connected with the memories and through MissAdventure Community.  



If you missed our 1st Girl Trip we have good news! We will repeat this trip in May, 2019. In case you can not join us for a full week join us for the MissAdventure Festival from 16-18.05.2019. 


Here is what our customers had to say about our trip:


"Best girl trips, bes organisator!" Marina Comes 


"This girl trip was an amazing adventure! ... the fun, food and only the top destination on the menu. It was an eye opener in so many ways and I will return as a different person" - Cashmyra from


"I am super happy I joined the MissAdventure Family" - Gabriela from @iamfoodietraveler


"The best part of joining The MissAdventure Girl Trips is getting to discover an amazing destination alongside some of the most inspiring, hilariously funny and driven women I have ever met. It is an opportunity to build deep friendships, learn from each other, share your passion for travel all while laughing so hard your stomach mussels wish for a vacation on theri own!" Samantha from @wanderingwanderluster 



This trip sounds amazing! I want to join you ladies! :)

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