A letter from The MissAdventure Founder

A letter from The MissAdventure Founder

Thank you for being part of The MissAdventure community that now counts +200 000 amazing women worldwide! I am so happy to welcome you to this unique place where we share our travel stories, cooperate, create content together and of course travel together!

My name is Paola and I run The MissAdventure that organises unique girl trips, meet ups and events like MissAdventure Festival that helps women around the world  to connect and collaborate. I have travelled to +45 countries in the past 8 years and I have a pure passion for quality as well as maximising the trip value as I believe you should be able to see the highlights in a week while getting the best service, comfort, local insider tips and fresh local food. That’s why I personally test and plan every single detail of the trip and work only with the trusted and proofed partners.  We are a boutique little agency located in Switzerland and quality is very important to us in everything we do.

I have  +10 years of experience in marketing where I worked for big companies like Microsoft. Unilever and eBay. This experience I transferred to The MissAdventure and can help you with building your Marketing Strategy safely and surely for long-term success just like I did with the MissAdventure. 





I am super happy with the girl trip in Istria, Croatia where 10 ladies joined me and we had the best time ever! The evidence is +100 unique posts and +10000 more amazing photos waiting to see the world! Once you join our trip you will only have one problem – too much content! ☺


Istria Girl Trip and the MissAdventure Festival

Because of the high demand, we have added two more events to Istria. One girl trip in May, 2019 and the MissAdventure Festival 16-18.05.2019 where you will have the opportunity to connect with like minded women from all over the world and to learn everything about personal branding, photography and monetizing your blog enjoy 2 parties and connect with like minded women. 


Croatia girl trip


Morroco Girl Trip 

Further, we are planning a unique getaway to Morocco in February 2019 where we will stay at the famous Le Riad Yasmine, experience traditional Moroccan food, go to the desert and indulge in a luxury hammam afternoon. Limited to 12 spots only. Reserve your spot now to make sure it is not sold out.


Morroco girl trip


Belize Girl Trip

We just added this trip to our offer. Stay in a tree house, practice yoga, see Mayan coccoa production, eat healthy food under the ocncept from farm to table. Trully disconnect from the busy life and enjoy the nature.


Belize girl trip


Thank you for being part of this community, it wouldn't be same without you! 

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