How to Get Featured on @femmetravel

How to Get Featured on @femmetravel

Because many of you asked I developed this easy guide how to get featured on @femmetravel. The @femmetravel features best photos for FREE because we want to support you and give visibility to your work. It is a community of female travellers that are passionate about exploring, ticking off bucket lists and photography. So let's get started!


1- High-Quality Photos

This one seems obvious but many get this wrong. The first condition is to create high-quality photography. No, you don’t need to be a professional photographer with the best camera but it does need to be a certain quality and fulfil aesthetics criteria. Blurry photos, overedited photos will not pass the quality control. We prefer photos where nature is in the first plan as well as unique places, angles and lightning.  It is a sign of quality to be featured on our page and we can not compromise this. Therefore if your photo is selected- congrats and keep up the great work :) We would appreciate a story shoutout!


2- Fit for feed

This means as much as we love your selfies, beauty shots, couple relationships, family trips or else the photos we feature need to fit our feed. So a good idea is to check which photos did get featured and create similar content. Even better if they are creative and unique.


3- Format

Sometimes the format of your picture plays a key role. For Instagram it is best to use profile format or the square. And if your photo is landscape it might not get featured just becuase of the format. One advice - always shoot both formats. This way you have a back up in case you need the other one. I for example prefer profile format for Instagram, but landscape format for my blog. 


4- Interesting and unique destinations with a clear location

Because we focus on "bucket list" items we also look for unique destinations with a clear stated destination. This way we inspire and educate also our community not to go the known road but to explore.  Of course there are some classics you should see in a lifetime and they will always be featured on our page.


4- Follow and tag femmetravel

It does help if you are an active member of our community. Follow @femmetravel and @the_missadventure. Tag us, comment, set up your notifications, join our private FB Group The MissAdventure Community, subscribe to our newsletter... There is no shortcut to success. Create amazing content, be an active member and for sure we will notice your work. Do send us an DM, but please don't call us or send messages to feature you.


5- Do a takeover

Didn't get a feature yet? Alternative to promote yourself is to do a takeover from a cool destination you have visited. Send over cool photos and short videos. The format is the following.

A) One short intro boomerang or photo of yourself (we will tag you here)

B) 5-8 quality photos  or short videos with written tips what to see and do

C) Closing photo (and we will tag you here too)


6- Present your Blog or Business to thousands of women like yourself

For a fee of 75 EUR we offer you the chance to advertise and present yourself in our Newsletter. You can write a short introduction about yourself, send us your best photo and we will link to your blog and social media channels. If you are a brand please contact us and we work together to create a package for you.


7- You don’t have high-quality photos, don’t know how to do it or just starting your blog?

No problem! Travel with us at @the_missadventure girl trips and get professional photoshootings and ALL photos for free after the trip. On our last trip we did about 10000 shots and you can see my work on the @the_missadventure page.

You can't travel with your friends? They don’t like to take photos? You boyfriend/husband doesn’t know how to take photos? No problem! This is not only for bloggers but for all women who want to connect with like-minded women, see the beautiful places or you just don’t want to plan the entire trip.

We offer all-inclusive and full service with the best places to see and do.

By joining our trips you become a member of The MissAdventure Family for a lifetime. It is a community that is closely connected, shares the same values and hopefully also friendships that last a lifetime. 


 8- Do you want to get a lifetime membership to our MissAdventure community?

You can contribute by donating a symbolic fee to help us stay free from advertising and a FREE platform to get featured. PayPal account - 


Make sure  join our private FB group The MissAdventure Community and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know on girl trips, discounts and giveaways (do check your spam folder as sometimes our mails land there unfourtunately).




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