The Fiji Dream

The Fiji Dream

In January as part of my Australian tour, I spend 5 days in Fiji at Westin Denaru Resort. It was all about chilling by the pool with a fresh coconut in one hand and a tropical cocktail in the other.  After running around like a mad woman across Australia it felt pretty good sun gazing, vitamin sea charging and Fiji exploring.


Denaru Island in Westin Denaru


For some unknown reason I always wanted to visit Fiji so when I finally crossed half world to get to Australia I knew I had to make some time for Fiji too. I also knew it is pretty mad thing to do to spend there only 5 days but I did not care to be honest. Better something than nothing, right? Plus I did not know when I will come back again or if I would ever come back because there are so many places to explore. That is at least how I see it. The limited time I have I prefer to explore something new so I never know if I will ever come back to a place or not.


Welcome to Fiji! :)


Another thing is there are places you visit but you don’t want to return to, other you for sure want to visit again but then there are those places you never want to leave. Fiji is one of those places.


Where to stay in Fiji?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what do you want for your holidays and how much time you have because this will determine how far you want to travel. Viti Levu is the main island and as such, it is well connected so it is easy to get to. It also offers a good taste of what the country has to offer, but the nicest beaches are probably found in some more remote islands like the Mamanucas and Yasawas. If it is your first time coming to Fiji read this post from Lonely Planet to give you more insights.

Which Hotel to choose in Denaru?

We stayed at Westin Denaru Resort and Spa and we had a lovely experience. We had a nice spacious bungalow room with own balcony and garden view. We also got a pretty good deal I think (cca 100EUR/night)!



There is a bakery in the lobby where we always had our coffee and breakfast. The day trips you can all book in the lobby and pay on your room, which was very practical, and the service was great.  



The only down point is that in the night time there is not much choice for dinner in the area so you end up in the hotel restaurants paying a pretty expensive price ( there are hotels in the area but all have similar prices). We did not go out to the town for dinner so maybe this was our mistake, but after a whole day exploring we did not feel like it. ☹


How long to stay in Fiji?

5 days is nearly not enough to see and explore Fiji, so you would probably need 2 weeks as the remote islands require an inland flight. However, if you stay only on the main island then one week should be enough to unwind and do few day trips. Below is a list of things we did during our short trip.

Malamala Beach Club

A short boat ride from the main island you can reach the Malamala Beach Club with an infinity pool, perfect sandy beaches and a nice open restaurant.



You can book your private cabana, take a kayak ride or just sip your cocktails in the infinity pool. However, you choose to spend your time it will pass quickly.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a floating paradise in the middle of the ocean and you can book a morning or afternoon tour which includes a drink and a pizza.



It has the perfect view to the turquoise sea and we even saw two mantas swimming in front of the bar! A perfect way to spend your afternoon and relax at the sea sipping your cocktails, dancing and jumping into the blue waters.


Village visit

It is nice to stay in a resort but take the time to visit the local town, local market and try some fresh produce and visit a local village.  Those are always my favourite moments when I travel.


Have a chat with locals

When we visited the local village I went off the beaten path and I noticed this lovely tree and bank. I sat there and a local girl called Elisabeth walked up to me so we chatted a bit.  



My husband documented the moment and it is my favourite picture from the trip.

Unwind at the pool

Relax, you are in Fiji. Locals know how to relax and enjoy “Fiji time”. Everything is more relaxed and slower here, as time stopped. You will definitely feel it too. The best thing to do while in Fiji is to unwind at the pool with a cocktail in one hand and a fresh coconut in the other.

Have a fresh coconut

Sounds, good and fresh. While in Fiji have a fresh coconut and if you prefer it “spicy” then add some local rum, float in the pool and order some snacks.


Have you been to Fiji? Tell us about your experience.



I’ve always wanted to go to Fiji as well! One day!



Just absolutely beautiful! 5 whole days in Fiji sounds epic!

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